Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where were you on 9/11?

It has been said that my last column I was “down” or somewhat negative on our chances to bring about a democratic country after years of war and civil unrest. This may be true. Although I believe I stated for the record- “What I would like to bring to the forefront is the possibility of actually winning this war” in my last column. I have so far only given my “first hand” knowledge on the war on terror and the direct effects and influence on me as they have happened. I have tried to stray far from the normal media outlet sort of journalism and focus on my “Grunt’s eye view.

From down here in the dust and mud you can imagine my view is somewhat limited. However, through the use of my computer, my intelligence gathering for mission purposes and other sources I’m able to piece together a better grasp of the picture than some. It is by no means completely right nor totally accurate.
Accept then, that I cannot and will not be an administration cheerleader or a Liberal hack who throws in the towel after the first bloody nose.
The left liberal mantra emanating from across the Potomac, since most of them actually voted for the war, is that we should pull out and let the Iraqis/Afghanis stand or fall on their own. This endless litany is paraded up and down the halls of the Senate and Congress every time a bomb goes off in either country and American blood is spilled.

Is anyone there? War is a sad, horrible, tragic, display of man’s inability to accept the premise that the subjugation of one by another will not be long tolerated. Someone somewhere will eventually pick up a rock or a stick and bash their oppressor’s skull in.
Sometimes though, it is in our own best interests to stop the carnage before we get our feet wet. We are here now. To pick up and leave without finishing or at least giving them a fighting chance at their freedom and pursuit of liberty is to tarnish and trample on all of the good men and women who have given so much in this effort.

History is rife with the examples of these events. Normally, we are reluctant to address the slaughter until it directly effects us. As long as they are content to stay within their borders we will watch with a blind eye. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Cambodia and Pol Pot, the Rape of Nanking and others just to name a few.
But 9/11 changed all that.

This was an unprovoked attack not only on our soil and structures but our innocence. At least Pearl Harbor was a military target. We as Americans are the loudest, tackiest, most inane people in the world. But we also give more to charity, create more medicines, end more wars and breed more entrepreneurs than the rest of the world combined. All while raising children, running businesses, traveling to space and visiting Disneyland while getting liquored up.

Ask yourself, where were you on 9/11?

On a lighter note we have been lucky enough to receive our new shipment of replacements to help augment our numbers until its time to GTFOD. [Get the *blank* outta Dodge] Unfortunately most of them are officers with NO combat experience and even less experience using that squishy grey thing between your ears. As happy as I’am to see them arrive, they bring with them all of their pasts filled with the joys and sorrows of too much time spent in close proximity [See danger close] to the Pentagon. After a few moments of this self aggrandizement and self promotion I’m ready to shoot someone, heck if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck near them for a guard shift you’d shoot yourself. I kinda make it like a game after awhile. Really, the first ten minutes you nod and say things like …yea, right, etc…then after a while you give up totally trying any semblance of decorum and see if they will prattle on endlessly without making even one valid point of interest. Kinda like you brain on internet pop-up ads until your main frame locks up…permanently.
Perhaps they sell a human virus guard program I can shove up my fourth point of contact and defrag my brain before I’m a drooling, babbling idiot. [Some would say I’m too late.]

During our last mission brief I heard more from a Lt. Colonel who had been here 14 days than the one I have spent the last seven months. He spent 20 minute of our precious time reciting what had to be the TTPs [tactical training points] manual they sent him back in Washington. I don’t think you could have wiped the look of unabashed incredulity off my face with a brick. After a few more of these I’m either going too purposely soil myself or feign another heart attack.

[I think they are growing suspicious of this one though and I’ve found I like the taste of nitroglycerin.]

At least I’ve found a use for all my paramedic skills.

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